Dev Patel Pulls Of The Australian Accent With A Charm For Lion, He Does It Alright!

Trust me, it’s not easy getting another accent right. People who have lived in one country all their life will find it hard to get used to subtle twangs and speaking styles that locals of another country will be able to manage with ease.

Born in London, UK, Dev Patel is a Brit through and through. But he shows us what a true actor really is. You blend into your role seamlessly as if you are the actual character in the plot. He masterfully blends his new Australian accent into the movie, that you never figure out that he is not an Australian.

I have to admit, he did an awesome in this movie which has rave reviews in all leading magazines and newspapers… Notice how he carries off his character with ease? That’s talent for you and this guy is worth sitting up and taking notice of. I’m sure we’ll be seeing ore of him in the future.

He broke into the cinema scene with his iconic role in Slumdog Millionaire and the movie Lion goes to reaffirm his true talent. Released in January of 2017, this movie also featured Nicole Kidman and Rooney Mara.

Did you guys watch the movie? I loved it! Let’s hope we see more of him soon. Tell us what you thought of the movie in the section below.

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