Devastating Loss of a Child Too Soon. The Brave and Heroic Spiderman Honors the Dead

A missing child is always cause for concern. Such was the case with five-year-old Joshua Garcia. His panic mother search fervently for the young boy. She searched every conceivable place, until finally calling the police for the assist. She continued her search, looking briefly in the pool before the local police department arrive on the scene. Mother of Garcia was drenched when talking to the officer. As she tried desperately to see any evidence of young Joshua having entered the murky pool.

First Officer on the scene Damon Cole took the time to take off his safety and health equipment before plunging into the murky depths. The pool had not been cleaned for some time. Upon resurfacing Officer Cole had young Joshua in arm. They proceeded to do C.P.R. until paramedics arrived. Rushing young Joshua’s motionless body to the hospital. Unresponsive to all attempts made, they called the time of death for young Joshua Garcia. The news broke the families heart and the mother never forgave herself for her shortcomings when watching Joshua.

The funeral was a sad sight indeed. The mother in tears, had decided to honor Joshua by getting his favorite super hero to arrive. Decorating the entire funeral with images and balloons of the young boy’s idol. Officer Cole, honoring Joshua’s memory followed suit. Instead of the traditional suit and tie, Cole made sure Joshua had his favorite super hero right alongside him, watching over the service. Watching over Joshua as he departed from this world to the next.

“I would do anything to honor the memory of Joshua,” said Officer Cole. “That poor little boy had his life cut too short. It’s tragic.” Would you have done the same? Spark a conversation with a friend today! Share this sad tale and discuss measures of safety you can take. Raise awareness and stop these tragedies from happening.

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