The Devastation This Boy Experiences Is Heartbreaking. His Words Will Leave You In Tears

Being young can afford you some luxuries. To be inexperienced and full of hopeful tomorrows filled with the joy the day before seemed to lack. Learning emotions can always be a trying experience. I was worried about young Emmet, thinking something happened to the poor guy. A baby’s honest reaction is certainly something of fantastic depth and wonder.

Emmet has a passion for reading, and clever onesies, clearly that shows. “ The snuggle is real,” indeed.He could make it big as an actor, no doubt about that. The Michigan born babe can’t hold back his tears, his crushing sadness. Exploding into a resounding sob, he looks to his mom before falling over. Apparently, unable to support the weight of the traumatic ordeal. She tries her best to just laugh it off, because she hasn’t seen him act this way before.

He’s been a cheerful and energetic kid up until his nine-month mark. The poor guy seems to have been deeply crying the past month. Something may have changed, but mother Alicia Stevers says he is usually a happy kid.

In my opinion, I think we all see what’s going on here. You know, I had heard they’d been starting them younger and younger into school, to get a head start and I didn’t believe it. Ba-dum-tshh.
The truth behind his wails of sorrow may never be know. He can express it emotionally, clearly, but I’m afraid he might not have the words yet. Or his source of sadness may have something to do with two simple words.

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