Dexter The Marine Dog Gets An Amazing Welcome Home From The Patriot Guard!

Working in the military is one of the greatest honors anyone can have. We’ve seen stories of not just human veterans, but also dogs who worked very hard to protect and serve our country and our freedom. The video below tells us the amazing story of Dexter, a now veteran dog who saved hundreds of innocent lives throughout his career. He worked as a bomb-sniffing dog in Afghanistan and Iraq for over 6 years, and after all this time, he’s definitely earned a great retirement.

After coming back home, the amazing Patriot Guard has given him the honor that he earned with excellence. He now gets fed the best food available, gets to hang out with people if he feels like it, or can also be with other animals if he so wishes. He will now live the rest of his life in comfort and surrounded by his friends. Dogs usually don’t get officially recognized as ‘officers’ or ‘veterans’, but they made a special exception for Dexter because of his incredible service.

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