Dick Van Dyke is infectiously delightful on The Dick Cavett Show (1974)

Dick Van Dyke has a one-of-a-kind Hollywood career known for his comic timing & silly facial expressions. He had a long big-screen career and acted in several memorable TV shows.

Van Dyke is very outspoken and never hesitates to speak about anything. Whether it is talking about his work or his favorite pastime in life. Recently, one of his conversations with Dick Cavett on “The Dick Cavett Show” has become famous. This was because it is infectiously delightful.

The two legends cheerfully spoke with one another on several topics. Cavett begins the conversation by asking Van Dyke how he is so physically agile. This made the legendary actor burst out in laughter.

He tells Cavett that he comes from a family of thin and agile people. Next, Van Dyke mentions that his grandma could do a backflip even at 86. The next question Cavett asks the Hollywood icon is if he likes doing yoga.

To which Van Dyke responds that he has been practicing yoga for the past couple of years. Van Dyke says the stretching exercises are relaxing, but the yoga sit-ups are challenging. Soon the two legends speak about their shared interest as a kid, “Magic.” Van Dyke says that he has not been doing magic.

He tells Cavett he loves to visit the magic shops from time to time and wander around. The actor says that he never had the talent for magic as a kid. Van Dyke asks Cavett what magic tricks he likes to practice. The host states that he wants to do the rope & card tricks.

The two also talk about Stan Laurel, whom they both knew. Van Dyke talks about his impersonation of the genius actor. He revealed how Laurel had given him 20 minutes of notes as he did not portray Stan Laurel’s role incorrectly. It is a light-hearted conversation and feels like two old friends having a delightful reunion.

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Dick Van Dyke is infectiously delightful on The Dick Cavett Show (1974)