They Didn’t Believe What His Chipmunk Did, So He Grabbed His Camera And Filmed This

There are a lot of videos on the Internet of people showing the cute and funny things their pets do every day. These pets are dogs, cats, horses, and lots of other domesticated animals we are used to seeing as pets. But this next clip shows a, well, lesser-owned pet of sorts. This clip shows a chipmunk on his owner’s bed performing his morning wake-up ritual. Who knew they could make such good pets?

If I were ever asked to name the cutest pet I had ever seen, I might say chipmunks after seeing this clip, and after watching this video, you might just share that opinion with me. These little adorable creatures are definitely cute, but more than that they are also smart and loving.

However, I never knew chipmunks had their very own special morning routines until I watched this video. This is truly the most adorable thing I have seen in my entire life. This video features an adorable chipmunk named Bikke who has a morning routine that rivals any human’s yoga class.

Bikke begins his morning by stretching his jaw and cheeks and then sniffing his blanket. He then goes for a lengthier stretching routine that involves pulling himself across the bed. I mean, how many of us dream of doing the same thing every day when we wake up? You will love to see this cute chipmunk carry out his morning routine.

Watch this video and tell us whether you found it cute or not. We would love to have your opinions on this amazing video!

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