He Didn’t Believe His Wife When She Told Him About THIS, So He Filmed It Himself…And Then?

The birth of a child is said to be one of the most monumental things in a person’s life. This guy wanted to enjoy every bit of it, so he decided to capture some precious moments through his camera. His wife is pregnant with twins and this video records her progress and belly movement from 32 to 35 weeks. You can actually see the little tykes kicking and moving inside!

He shot a series of clips and compiled them into a single film so that the entire world could view this amazing video too. Don’t forget to watch this video till the end. You will get to see the movements from the wife’s perspective as well. It is miraculous, but is sort creepy too! As I watched it I couldn’t help but wonder what it feels like to have not one life, but two, kicking and moving inside you.

The mother is not even that big for being so far along in her pregnancy with twins, but as you watch the clip you can see that there are four little hands and feet moving around. Their movements are like waves in a pool or ripples in a pond as they move across her belly. It’s incredible to see, and they are very active.

At the end of the clip, we see mom’s belly from her perspective, and then I really began to wonder what she must be feeling and thinking. They were moving a lot and look pretty ready to come out of there.

Watch the video below and let us know your thoughts about it in the comments! What did you think of this video?

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