He Didn’t Get His Hair Cut For 6 Years, Then He Gets A Makeover. The Transformation Is Stunning

They say, “the clothes make the man,” but this could be said of hair, too. For better or worse, people tend to make assumptions about people based on their appearance and hairstyle is certainly one of the first things that gets noticed. A good hairdo can make your face look better and not infrequently, make you look younger, too. But as hair experts point out, a disastrous cut can make someone who’s 40 look more like 60. They suggest trying a new style about every two years, just to stay current. A little switching up, involving dye, chopping, curling, relaxing, or whatever else works could instantly transform your entire look.

So now it’s time to meet Joe. He’s waiter in New York City and hadn’t had a haircut in six years! His wavy locks reached beyond his shoulders. It’s a look that might have won favor at a European palace 300 years ago, but it really wasn’t doing Joe any favors. Kyan, a hair stylist at the Rachel Ray Show happened to be in his restaurant and knew that the show’s makeover specialists could help. He managed to convince Joe to put himself at the stylists’ tender mercies and show the world the result on television.

Joe’s girlfriend Angie — who has an excellent hairdo, incidentally — was in the audience for the big reveal. After some banter between Rachel, Kyan, and Angie, it was time for Joe to come on stage. The change was incredible! He looked like a totally different person. The audience went wild and cheered for Joe’s new ‘do. More importantly, Angie was impressed, too.

We’ve posted the clip from the Rachel Ray Show for you below. If you have someone in your life who desperately needs a new hairdo, you may want to use this to give him a little nudge.

How did you like Joe’s new hairdo? Was it the right look for him or should he try something else next time? Should he give it another six years? Let’s hear from you in the Facebook comments and don’t forget to like and share!