Different dogs have different takes on celebrating their birthdays, which we all know too well

Once we’re past a certain age, birthdays can be fraught with mixed feelings. On the plus side, it’s a chance to spend time with family and friends (and get some presents if we’re lucky). It can be a celebration of having completed another tour around the sun while making more memories. All well and good, but it also represents another year beyond youth, more wrinkles, more concerns, more burdens. Dogs are lucky. They don’t have to worry about all those bad things. When a dog is treated to a birthday party, it’s nothing but fun — usually.

For us humans, a dog’s birthday party is always a lot of fun and there’s never a shortage of laughter. Dogs are natural comedians who sometimes can’t quite control their impulses, so there’s never a dull moment. Since they surely don’t understand time in the same way we do, it’s interesting to speculate about what goes on in their little doggy brains. “Silly humans! Everyone is wearing a pointy hat. Now they’re making me wear one. Arrgh! Oh, yummy! Cake!”

There are countless photos and videos online of dogs looking very happy, even grinning, when presented with their birthday cake. These are moments of sheer delight for their human parents: not only do they get to see their pooch happy, but it’s also downright hilarious to see a dog acting so seemingly human.

Now and then you run into a dog who doesn’t appreciate being reminded that time is marching on. The dog in the video posted below is a handsome fellow and probably a good dog on any other day. His reaction to being offered a slice of cake complete with a birthday candle is not to be missed!

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