Dinah Jane & Leona Lewis – Christmas Medley

Christmas song collaborations have been becoming trendy. They give you the chance of listening to artists that you would not otherwise listen to performing some other song. I’ve heard a lot of Christmas collaborations before, for instance, the one that Mariah Carey did with Justin Bieber. At the time of that collaboration, Justin Bieber was already an established artist. He had already changed his look to the one we know today.

This would be a chance for him to appeal to a different audience maybe, and he would do it with an artist that had already established herself through many years of hit records. The song was chosen, and it would be one of Mariah’s most emblematic covers, “All I want for Christmas is you.” The duet was a hit and the video gathered thousands of views very fast.

There are other artists that have had more humble beginnings. Many of them have been made famous because of their appearing on talent shows like “America’s got talent” or the famous British show “The X-Factor.” This last show got everyone’s attention when it produced one of the most talented female artists in many years, the multi-talented Leona Lewis. She was the winner of the third installment of this show, and immediately became famous thanks to her talent and her looks.

From the very first audition, she had wowed everyone in attendance and become a favorite of the judges. Before her appearing on the show, the other participants had been talented and presented very solid auditions. When the judges heard Leona singing, they knew they had someone special. She breezed through each one on the auditions until she won the finals with a smash-hit performance. Her win was soon followed by many hit singles that made her a household name in very little time.

Another one of these artists is Dinah Jane. She competed for the show “America’s Got Talent,” she initially competed as a solo artist along with many others. The show’s producer and judge, Simon Cowell, saw that she had potential. He also saw potential in several other contestants that year and he came up with the idea of launching her career along with the others’ but in a group format. This saw the birth of the now famous “Fifth Harmony” that has released many hit records.

Now, when Dinah Jane decided to sing a Christmas song and had to pick an artist to do it with, the choice was clear, it would be Leona. She had watched Leona win her competition and was one of her biggest fans. The following Christmas Medley that they sing together is pure magic. Get ready for one of the most beautiful collaborations in a long time!