Disabled Dog A Lone Wolf No More. Guess How He Joined The Dog Pack? Amazing!

Dogs are truly a man’s best friend. They don’t leave you when you’re down and out and we should definitely not leave them when they’re not able to be the best they are. Not every animal is born perfect and Roosevelt was born disabled.

That certainly didn’t stop him from trying to be one with the dog pack. Born with malformed front legs, he couldn’t keep up with other dogs. When his owner couldn’t care for him anymore, he was rescued by the New England Border Collie Rescue who found him a new home.

His foster parents, Amy and Bain, live in New England and have more dogs of their own that were willing to let him into their furry family. But being a New England Collie, he sure loved the snow but found himself unable to frolic around in the white snow like how only dogs seem to do when winter comes.

His foster parents noticed that he was unable to enjoy the snow to the fullest, unable to act as crazy as the other dogs. This is when his human friends from Eddie’s Wheels for Pets located in Massachusetts decided to help him out. They came up with an ingenious idea!

Taking a pair of old equipment, they crafted wheels on skis that allowed him to bound around in the snow and be stable. I’m sure the other dogs will be feeling jealous of the new contraption that was made especially for Roosevelt. I know I would love to have one of those in winter!

Watch the cute collie race down the snowy road with his furry buddies! His new human mum and dad love to see Roosevelt be free and adorable the way he was meant to be and you can hear them laughing at the dog’s antics as the canine champs frolic in the snow.

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