A Disabled Veteran Was Buying His Groceries When THIS Happened And We All Started Crying!

With all the turkey, stuffing and all the fixings that a great Thanksgiving meal consists of, the holiday can usually take quite a hit on your wallet. So that’s why Fox 5 in Las Vegas decided to create the “Surprise Squad,” consisting of a reporter who goes out to local supermarkets and pays for random customer’s Thanksgiving groceries.

Recently the reporter managed to stumble upon Victor Moss, a retired, disabled military veteran who was only planning to purchase some water due to financial difficulties. But thanks to the Surprise Squad, all of Victor’s Thanksgiving dreams came true this year!

When the reporter first told Victor about the Surprise Squad, he was simply incredulous, insisting that it must be some sort of prank. After some reassurance from the kind reporter, Victor finally accepted his stroke of luck.

“I’ve seen this on TV but I really don’t believe it,” Moss told Fox 5. “I’m retired, military disabled… Me and my fiancee [are having Thanksgiving], that’s all. She’s disabled also.”

As he walked down the aisle, Victor couldn’t hold back his tears of joy. First, a giant turkey, then some boxed stuffing. Eventually his cart was full of all the classic holiday fixings, and he didn’t have to pay a dime. Victor couldn’t have been more grateful.

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