Discovery Is An Amazing Thing. When These Kittens First Experience Snow? Adorably Precious

The first experiences we have can be something of not only innocent joy, but hilarity for others watching. We’ve all seen the preciously adorable videos of dogs and puppies experiencing snow for the first time. They jump about as if they have never been happier. They make snow angels, try to catch the dropping snow in their mouths, all the hilarious antics really fill everyone with laughter. They don’t understand quite why the sky is falling. Nor do they understand why the ground is all wet and a different terrain. It can be quite confusing, yet many other animals know the signs of cold weather or winter as migratory signs.

When it comes to cats and kittens first experiencing the overwhelming magnificence of snow? The result is precious. Many of the cats and kittens have such a different approach to snow than dogs do. So much so, that it’s hard not to laugh. They are very avid about catching every bit of snow that falls, almost to the point of being overwhelmed. Others seemed more focused on the imprint they are making into the earth. I’m not sure if cats see in black and white, but if they do then I’m sure they have similar problems or confusion that dogs may have with snow. When you see these felines first experiencing snow, the resulting hilarity is something preciously awesome.

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