A Disease Left Her Pig On The Verge Of Death. I Was Taken Aback By What She Did Next. TOUCHING!

It can be heart breaking to see our pets afflicted with diseases or debilitating conditions. The pain becomes more acute if we are helpless and cannot do anything about it. But even in these tiring circumstances our small actions can make a big difference to our pets as this video will demonstrate.

Corrine DiLorenzo rescued a potbellied pig called Bentley. He was nine months old when he was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis. He was not given much chance for survival. His illness left him blind as a result of which he gets frightened by loud noises. When he finds himself in that kind of situation Corrine sings gently to him to calm him down and offer reassurance. The pig takes solace in Corrine’s calm and soothing voice and calms down knowing he is in good hands.

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