That Disfigured Pony Was About To Be Euthanized, Until This Woman Stepped In And Did THIS! WOW!

A lot of us call ourselves animal lovers, but many among us recoil when we take a glance at a disfigured animal. Not every person can foster injured and disfigured animals; it takes a person with guts to do so. And Gillian McCulloch is one of them. This incredibly lady specializes in rescuing abused and neglected horses.

Eight months ago, a Welsh pony with a severe disfigurement was brought to Gillian. The poor animal was knocked down by a car nearly four years before and as a result of that accident, she suffered from a broken neck. Bonny’s hopes of survival were dim and she was about to be euthanized soon. But because the owner was worried for her, he asked Gillian’s help. It was later discovered that the pony was pregnant and what follows is heart-warming!

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