Distracted Baby Elephant Gets Trapped In A Water Hole! Mom Tries Everything to Get Him Out! WOW!

Baby animals are extremely cute, this is a well-known fact! However nothing can prepare for the full adorable blast that baby elephants present. They’re pretty big, endearing and extremely clumsy!  So obviously they make for excellent pick-me up when looking for cute videos of animal!
The little guy on this video is the perfect example of elephant-calf behavior!  He manages to get trapped inside a shallow watering hole, and he is trying as he might to get back out to cry to his mum!

Sure enough, the mother hears her baby’s cry and notices his distress and promptly runs to his aid, there was just no way she would abandon him; elephants are amongst the brightest and most emotionally intelligent members of the animal kingdom!  In the video featured below you can see the mother trying a series of different maneuvers to help her calf out of the hole; her herd walking away! What happens next will definitely make your heart melt.

The mother makes several efforts, using even her trunk, all to no avail, but then the herd returns with a elder member, more experienced, that helps her to haul out her mischievous offspring.

The relief and happiness of both mother and son show as they walk together, along with their family, is incredibly moving and is guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

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