She Was So Distraught When She Lost Her Cat, But Seven Years Later, She Receives A Phone Call

The loss of a pet is like the loss of a family member and is one of the greatest losses many humans experience. When Tricia Osterman was separated from her cat for seven years, she truly felt like she had lost a family member. Almost a decade ago the cat went missing from their Phoenix area home and they thought they would never see her again. She was missing for a long time, a total of seven years, in fact. After she went missing, Tricia cried for a week because she was very attached to Sofia and the desert is a dangerous place for a house cat because of the many predators that run wild.

The next video tells the traumatic and joyous story of Tricia and her cat, Sofia, who after her escape managed to end up 400 miles away in San Diego! She was fortunate to find love from another family and after keeping her for a while, they discovered they couldn’t anymore, so they took her to San Diego Humane Society. That’s where Sofia’s microchip was scanned and they learned where her original owners were.

When Tricia got the call she couldn’t believe it. She was overwhelmed and so grateful and went to pick up Sofia right away. You’ll see in the clip below their joyous reunion and how it felt to be reunited after seven years apart. It is a truly touching moment.

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