Divers Just Spotted This Strange Fish Who Appears To Be Stuck Inside A Jellyfish

Surviving in the wild is absolutely terrifying for any animal. You are either a predator or prey. It is as simple as that. There are no gray areas. Small animals have to get very creative when it comes to surviving. One of the ways they have devised is by forming alliances with other animals. There are for instance some birds that rely on large animals like hippos to say alive.

These birds practically live on the hippo’s backs. What they do for the hippos is help them by eating the parasites that often live on their backs. This is an all-day process. Insects are constantly landing on their back and the birds are there to lend a helping hand. In return, the hippos provide protection from potential predators. Due to their massive size, there are very few animals what will stand up to a hippo.

There are other birds that also rely on this type of alliance to survive. But what about fish? With fish, surviving is not as easy as it looks. Some known predators will not be so forgiving and not be so open. Some of those forms of defense are more unique than others. When Australian photographer Tim Samuel went diving, he spotted one creature’s special way of staying safe and it’s like nothing you’ve seen before.

Australian photographer and ocean life enthusiast Tim Samuel didn’t expect to find anything amazing during a dive in the crystal-clear waters of Byron Bay in New South Wales, Australia. Fortunately, he brought his camera with him

He was able to capture something that you don’t see every day. Shortly after getting into the water he notices something so unusual it makes him look twice. There is a fish swimming inside of a jellyfish! Samuel said, “I’d never seen anything like it before… I definitely thought about setting it free, but in the end decided to just let nature run its course.” He didn’t know if it would be preferable to intervene. He waited for a short while and then he let them be.

How could he know if the fish was trapped inside of the jellyfish? Maybe he wanted to be there? What if he was trapped? It seemed from the way the two were swimming that they were both confused about the whole ordeal. For some reason, this appeared to be totally unexpected. Expected or not, this is a true delight to see. See for yourself!