Divers Swimming Around The Waters Of Australia Found THIS. I Was Amazed When I Saw It.

The seahorse is a fascinating creature. The males give birth. No, this is not a “Junior” situation. The female is still involved, she just puts her egg in his pouch and he carries the embryos around. This would be a vital lesson for many of our lawmakers if they had to do the same thing. Things would likely be very different around here. OK, enough politics. Here’s a fascinating video of a seahorse birth.

A diver captured this video when they were swimming around in the waters of Australia. I have to say that they were brave – it seems like there are more creatures in those waters who want to kill people than anywhere else. Anyways, they came upon this male seahorse chilling out and waiting to give birth. So they decided to wait around and see what happened. Their patience was rewarded.

The diver gets closer and it seems that the seahorse is ready to explode. He does, in a way. From a hole in his sac, little seahorses emerge and start floating around in the currents. They aren’t much bigger than a paper clip. It’s a wonder that any of them can survive and grow to maturity. Yes, some probably get eaten, but that’s why daddy spawns so many. At least SOME escape and help continue the cycle.

I have to admit that the first thing I thought about when the seahorse started releasing his young: “This totally looks like the chestburster scene in ‘Alien.’” Fortunately, no xenomorph emerged… only totally cute little seahorses. Still, there was just something about the angle that the diver took when filming it that harkened back to that scene in my mind. Now I’m off to go have “Alien” nightmares again…

Seahorses have always fascinated me. What about you? Please leave your comments below!

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