DIY Garden Log Planter Is Loaded With Country Charm (VIDEO)

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“It is jokingly said that a real gardener will buy thousands of plants during his lifetime without having even the slightest idea of where to put any of them when he gets home. No one wants the same old, boring pot that everyone else has from the big box store. The right, unique planter will only enhance the natural beauty of your flowers and plants.

The YouTube channel Organic Slant has a great DIY idea for a beautiful planter. This tutorial shows you how to build a garden log trough planter for your outdoor space. Don’t burn or throw away those old or rotted logs littering the outskirts of your yard. Instead, follow these simple instructions to turn those eyesores into a gorgeous, eye-catching planter.

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Start by finding the right type of log. Pine is the best wood type for this project since it’s a softer wood. This project could easily take a much longer time to finish if you have to try to chip through hardwood.

Make sure one side of the log has a nice, flat cut. Then, take a chainsaw and cut grooves into the top of the log. Make a pattern similar to ladders, with horizontal and vertical lines intersecting. The goal is to create small sections that can be easily removed.

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Using a flathead screwdriver or a wood chisel, chisel out the smaller portions of the log, about 2” deep into the log top. Use a hammer and the screwdriver/chisel to dig deeper into the log if needed, but if you are just planting moss and a few trailing plants or flowers, you won’t need to dig too much deeper.

Simply add potting soil to the space next and fill it with your chosen plants. This looks really beautiful with trailing plants or flowers and moss. Make this a real focal point of your yard or garden by creating little scenes or a fairy garden in your log planter.

If you’re the kind of person you buys a ton of flowers but runs out of room too often, then make yourself one of these log planters to create some extra space. Depending on your space, you can always choose a larger or smaller log for your planter, and you can also vary how deep you carve into the wood. Your neighbors definitely will be jealous after they see this!”

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DIY Garden Log Planter Is Loaded With Country Charm (VIDEO)