DIY Lovable Patchwork Plush Toy Sewing Video Tutorial

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“Wondering what to do with all the scraps you have lying around the house or that you have left over from a quilting project? Well, this quilted fabric frog is a super cute, fun way to use it up.

Donna Jordan from Jordan Fabrics has posted a video tutorial to show you step-by-step how to make this cute, little guy. For the pattern, visit

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You’ll need to gather a few supplies, but most of them you probably already have sitting around the house.

● Fabric, cut into 2 ½” strips (9 strips) OR 5” charm squares (20 squares)
● Polly pellets
● Batting
● Buttons for the eyes

To start off, you need to get your mini “quilt” together. If you aren’t using pre-cut strips, go ahead and cut your strips. Iron out any wrinkles, and then start stitching your pieces together with ¼” hem. It’s best to use a very small stitch length to make sure your stuffing doesn’t fall out.

After you’ve quilted your fabric onto a piece of batting, pin your patterns onto your mini quilt and cut out the three shapes. Lay the right and left sides of the frog face down on top of each other, batting side out. Sew a hem along the curved portion of what will be the frog’s back.

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Next lay the back of the frog face down onto your workspace and then place the bottom fabric of the frog onto it with the batting sides facing each other. Leave about a 2-inch space on one side of the frog for so you have room to insert your pellets later. Stitch all around the edges with a hem a little bigger than ¼”.

Time to add some shape to your cute, little guy. Pour the pellets into the frog using that small 2-inch space you left earlier. Because the small pellets tend to escape, it’s best to do the pouring over some kind of box or container. Don’t fill it too full; you want it to be easy to pose and play with. All you have left to do is to stitch up the hole and sew on whatever you have chosen to use for eyes.

You now have an adorable, quilted patchwork frog. To make it sentimental, you could use pieces of your children’s clothing that they have outgrown or use leftover pieces from a quilt so that the frog matches it. However you choose to make it, everyone is going to love this little guy.”

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DIY Lovable Patchwork Plush Toy Sewing Video Tutorial