Do Not Watch This M*A*S*H Clip And Drink Liquids at The Same Time

When Hawkeye starts laughing, you start laughing. It’s as simple as that. His utterly infectious laugh was the highlight of many unforgettable M*A*S*H moments, but it was his legendary wit and charm that made him such a popular lead star. Here’s a mashup of all the times when Hawkeye was at his funniest. Each scene will have you in stitches.

A childhood hero to many and an inspiration to all, Hawkeye is the wiseguy whose smarts we all couldn’t wait to see. There’s no end to his wisecracks, with each scene capturing comedic genius unique to the era but just as hilarious and relevant today. There’ll never be another like Captain Benjamin Franklin Hawkeye Pierce.

This collection of Hawkeye’s best moments lets you relive the comedy magic that only the cast of M*A*S*H could deliver. Everyone’s favorite lead sure had a huge selection of funny moments to boast, but these are the best scenes out there. Each is filled with gags and reactions that are sure to make you burst out laughing.