This Doberman “Horse Whisperer” Has Some Incredible Times With His Horse Friends!

Right in this very page, we’ve shown you time after time several different cases of animals becoming best friends even when they are of different species, and out of all of those cases, my favorite is watching dogs being friends with horses. After all, when I was a kid, I thought that horses just were a special kind of big dog, because they’ve both been friends with humans for ages, and they’re both known for their loyalty and respect. In the following video, we meet Boss, a Doberman dog who has a very special horse friend named Contino.

If you believe a relationship between a dog and a horse cannot possibly get far or deep enough to be significant, you should look no further than in the video below. Boss really likes Contino, and he hangs out with him all the time that he can. The horse himself is also very charmed by him, because who wouldn’t fall in love with a cute puppy like him? I wish I could have a horse to live with my dog myself, too! Just by watching them, I’m already full of crazy ideas.

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