Doctor Explains How To Make A Face Mask That Works

If you need a face mask but just can’t seem to find one, relax and get out your tools. This instructable has you covered. A caring doctor has created this video explaining exactly how to make a face mask that actually works. It offers far more protection than any cloth mask could ever offer while remaining easy enough to make at home as long as you’ve got a HEPA filter handy.

With the pattern provided, this face mask making guide couldn’t be better. Even those who aren’t technically inclined will find making masks using this method a breeze. Out of a single HEPA filter, you get up to four masks, making this DIY health & safety project frugal as well.

Thanks to Dr. Ryan Southworth, we can all make the safest DIY face mask possible. Don’t put yourself at risk by going without or resorting to a cotton cloth mask when all that it takes is a little know-how and a few easy to obtain materials to make a high-quality mask offering effective protection.