Being a doctor is stressful. Got to find a way to ease the tension. What better way than to sing?

Doctors have a tough and stressful job. They work in grueling and ready at a moment notices. The hours are killer, most working over 100 hours in one week. They make informed decisions on how to proceed with each action, even with all that lack of sleep. They perform surgeries, they sew or remove, and when they deliver, man do they deliver!

Bedside manner is a huge part of being a doctor. It’s not fair to be angry at the family for bringing him in too late. They don’t have the same knowledge. Doctor-patient relationships are important, because they explore many different areas of your person that you wouldn’t show to someone else. It’s their job to help with those ideas and procedures.

Some have a quirky bedside manner that elates us from the silliness. Sometimes a bit gruff and detached, because we all go through troubles and hardships. Others are detail oriented or fact obsessive. And oddly enough, some of them sing to us. Sometimes funny, sometimes amazing, and other times, misplaced and slightly creepy. Yet, they try their best and we can’t ask anything more from them than that.

Moreover, they sing to children. Such is the case with Dr. Carey D. Andrew-Jaja , working at Magee Women’s Hospital in Pittsburgh, PA. His personal motto is a “smile on your face and a song in your heart,” and sure enough he delivers on that. For every baby that is born, he sings the most timeless classic that’s won over the hearts of many mothers and staff.

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