This Doctor Wasn’t Sure He Should Have Revealed THIS In A Video. When You See It? Shocking!

Babies are a delight. But more often than not, they manage to make you worry out of your mind, especially when they start crying and you don’t know why. Hearing a baby cry is really distressing, and the instinct to calm the baby kicks in, but sometimes parents just don’t know what to do to calm the baby. It seems like they don’t even breathe when they start to cry! Most new parents can only stare in fear when this happens. But I am sure even experienced parents don’t know what to do at such times.

Dr. Robert Hamilton from Pacific Ocean Pediatrics in Santa Monica shows a special way of holding a baby that will completely calm them down. He says that he has taught this technique to some parents and they have experienced great success at home with it! This technique is called “The Hold” and it will show you how to calm a crying baby. Say goodbye to sleepless nights!

When I watched Dr. Hamilton hold this baby, I wondered how he ever thought, or how anyone ever thought, that holding a baby like this would calm them down. It seems so unnatural, but it works every time, as you will see in this clip.

He makes this technique look so simple by folding both of the baby’s arms under him and supporting the baby with his left arm under their arms across their chest, and then holding their “little bottom” while gently swinging or bouncing the baby. Who would have though? Huh!

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