Doctors Told Them They Lost Their First Child. I Broke Down When I Saw What These Parents Did!

When Kate Ogg and her husband David found out they were having twins, they were overjoyed. But things took a sour turn when the doctors told them at 26 weeks that Kate was going into early labor. After a premature birth, the poor couple was told that their first child would not make it.

Kate didn’t give up hope and immediately grabbed her baby. Both father and mother cuddled the little bundle and surrounded him with body heat because he was very cold. They talked to him, told him he had a sister he had to look after. They described all of his extended family. They made promises to their little baby they thought they had lost. And they cried.

And then, to everyone’s shock, they tiny infant began to move! Even then the hospital staff didn’t believe he could make it. The staff told the couple that he was dying and that they needed to say goodbye. But they wouldn’t. Soon his tiny fingers wrapped around the tip of his daddy’s finger and he opened his eyes and looked at his dad.

Look at him now!  Now he’s about six years old and he and his sister do everything together. He’s riding his bike and going to school and playing with friends. It’s amazing. He’s even taller than his sister! How amazing for this wonderful family.

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