Rare White Doe Nuzzles Her Newborn Fawn. Wait, Though… Something Else Is Coming!

There’s just something about seeing animals giving birth that amazes everyone. It’s God and nature at work creating something beautiful and wonderful. It’s timeless and universal: This is the way we all come into the world.

We see the unique white doe lying on her side. She’s at a deer farm and she’s just given birth to a fawn, who is intent on getting attention from his mommy. He’s bumping her, nuzzling her and trying to suck on her teat. That would be great, except that she’s STILL IN LABOR. Hey, we’ll cut the little guy some slack though. He just came into the world and he’s not expected to be savvy enough to pick up on something like that.

A lot of the video shows the white doe caring for her newborn fawn. Then all of a sudden, something starts poking its head out of her rear end. Like I have said in videos that are like this – if you are uncomfortable with birth scenes, then you can click out of the video and just read the description if you want. It is nature in action, though. Soon it’s apparent that she is giving birth to ANOTHER deer.

We do see the head and then the rest of the body come out… it’s a tan deer! The newborn lays there for a bit and then starts bleating constantly for the rest of the video as her mommy licks her and assures her. Another miracle of birth in action.

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