She Doesn’t Want To Join In With The Dog Flash Mob. Then She Stands Up…

This adorable video is going to go on your favorites list for sure. It has a catchy song helpful message and some incredible actors. This video went viral as soon as it hit the Internet. If you like watching flash mobs and you also love adorably fluffy pets, that this is the video for you.

The song of this video is a parody of a Neon Trees song “Everybody Talks.” The original is pretty good but I it doesn’t compare to this amazing parody version. The whole point of this video is to raise awareness and encourage spaying and neutering of household pets.

Unless you’re a breeder there is no reason not to neuter or spay your pets. There is nothing worse in this world than bringing more dogs who will just end up living homeless and destitute on the streets. You can prevent the epidemic of stray animals with this one simple act.

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