This Dog Was Abandoned At A Car Wash. When I Heard His Story? I’m Crying!

Bo spent 7 months as a stray, often staying around the vicinity of the car wash and sleeping alone in a junkyard. What makes Bo’s story so unique is that while many animals in need of help can be rescued quickly, rescuers had to actually take some time to get Bo to trust them. Any time they tried to make contact with him, he would run away, making his rescue a bit more challenging.

You won’t believe all of the hardships that Bo has already faced in his young life. The most amazing thing about Bo’s rescue is that despite being forced to face months of hardships by himself, he is still very gentle, sweet and loving towards anyone he comes in contact with.

Bo’s inspirational story reminds us to never give up. You might be struggling now, but eventually you will pull through it! And there will almost always be others nearby to support you. This touching video will definitely bring tears to your eyes! Just wait until you see Bo’s amazing journey. Can you get through it without tearing up?

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