Dog Is Abandoned To Shelter By His ‘Owners’. Their Reason For Doing So Will Disgust You.

Animals can be cruel to their own kind if they deem them to be ‘different’ or sick. Mother animals will abandon sick children, especially if they are in a herd and must keep moving. Technically, humans are animals too, although we’re the highest-evolved out of all of them. That doesn’t exclude us from being deplorable to each other… and sometimes other types of animals. This video is a perfect example.

Oso is a dog that had a combination of alopecia and pyoderma and his “owners” didn’t want to deal with it even though it’s extremely treatable. He’s in a deep, deep funk at the shelter, just leaning in the corner staring at the walls, not making eye contact with anyone. This is one depressed dog… and I don’t blame him one bit for feeling that way. Still, he deserves to be happy… once he can like himself again.

Can you imagine being dropped off at a foster care center just because you came down with an easily treatable condition? What would you think if your mommy or daddy looked at you and said, “We don’t feel like spending the money. Let’s drop him/her off at the foster center and then go out for dinner.” No wonder Oso is so down. He feels betrayed. While he did seem to make some small improvements at the end of the video, he still has a long way to go .

It was unfortunate that this dog has the name ‘Oso”, since that’s the name of a cartoon character that my son likes. I had to write about this when he was asleep since I wouldn’t want him to think it was a cartoon and then see this poor dog in the condition that he’s in. He might pick up that Oso is a dog and the cartoon character is a bear, but it’d still require some explanation and also possibly some crying. So, that’s why I’m doing it now.

I hope that Oso finds a loving home. People need to look past his skin condition and raise this poor dog’s spirits. He deserves a mommy or daddy who will take care of him, not abandon him without paying for his medical condition. Don’t you agree? Please leave a comment and also “Like” us on Facebook.

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