Their Dog Was Acting Strange Around This Window. When They Found Out Why? LOL!

Animals are known to be scared of some pretty bizarre things, but recently one guy caught his boxer on tape in just the silliest position. Dogs especially are extra careful, usually because they think they are protecting the home – in this case, from a feather.

Despite the harmless nature of a feather, this poor dog is scared half to death. He won’t even approach the feather at first, as it flutters in the wind. It suddenly moves one way, and the boxer backs off – he lost the battle, but he hasn’t lost the war!

After several seconds of absolute terror, this puppy finally gets the courage to confront his fears. First he lies down; sizing up his target then reaches out a curious paw.

The feather falls to the ground, just as soft and fluffy as ever and the poor dog looks over as if to say, “Really? All this for that?”

His owner just can’t get enough, giggling the whole time along with all the viewers on YouTube – this silly dog is guaranteed to be famous.

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