Dog Adores His Baby Pacifier, But Watch How He Reacts Does When Dad Tries To Take It

This is a great time in history for animal lovers! Sharing pictures and videos of our furry friends is so easy. Social media is full of fuzzy, funny friends on display to amuse and entertain us, and this one is no exception. This video shows a retriever using a pacifier, which is not common, to say the least, and it is too cute not to watch. It is sure to make you say ‘aww’!

It’s not enough to just post funny dog videos anymore. Now we see videos of animals being not just funny, but doing unique and interesting things as well that are sure to catch our attention. A dog with a pacifier definitely gets my attention just because of the cute factor. We don’t want to see dogs doing the same thing over and over again, so lucky for us, this clip is something you’ve probably never seen before. We all know babies love pacifiers and get upset when they’re taken away, but I never knew a dog could feel the same way.

The Golden Retriever in the video is Max and you will soon fall in love with him after watching this. He loves this pacifier, but when dad tries to take it away, Max is not willing to give it up. It didn’t actually belong to Max, but I am sure it does now because he is not going to give it up!

You surely don’t want to miss this adorable video. Please be sure to watch it and share with your friends!

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