This Dog Was Afraid Of Humans And Was About To Be Put Down When This Happened! So Touching!

Every year thousands of puppies from puppy mills are euthanized. Having being shown absolutely no love and attention, a lot of puppies are aggressive and afraid of humans. As a result no one wants to buy them and so they are put down. But most of the times these dogs just need some human warmth and affection. Coco, a rescued dog from such a mill is a perfect example of this. Take a look at the video and see her amazing transformation!

After just six weeks, Coco was friendly and wanted human affection. She was happy to see her trainer and would jump on her lap. Finding her new parents proved to be no problem as an elderly couple eagerly took her in. Seeing Coco interact with that sweet old lady is heart warming. To think that Coco would have been put down because she was afraid of humans seems impossible to me.

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