This Dog Was Afraid Of Everyone In The Shelter Until This Guy Appeared!

Animal shelters really are a depressing place. Abandoned, neglected animals that have no home or family. The animals’ only hope is for someone to adopt them. If that doesn’t happen, most of the animals are sadly euthanized. When this guy visited his local shelter he noticed a poor beagle that was different than all the other dogs. Take a look at the video and learn about Noodles.

Noodles was a beagle that had been abused and as a result was deadly afraid of humans. When her future father saw her for the first time she was in a corner with her face against the wall, afraid to look at anyone. Her Incredible transformation as seen in the video sure is inspiring!

So everyone, if you want to get a pet, please visit your local animal shelter first. Share this video with your friends and help the animals at the shelters.

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