A Dog And A…. Squirrel? Yep! This Unlikely Pair Is For Real, And Incredibly TOO CUTE!

You wouldn’t regularly think of a dog playing with a squirrel, but this is just the case in this adorable video. Take a look as the two play together and make a lasting friendship!

The tiny little squirrel named “Squirrel” (I know, original) was found in Millie’s (the dog) backyard after a tree had fallen down. Sadly his mother was not found and so Millie took Squirrel in to take care of him until Squirrel could be released into the wild.

When Millie found Squirrel, Squirrel couldn’t open his eyes. A week later when this video was shot, Squirrel is growing nicely and is full of energy! Did you ever think a dog and a squirrel could be friends? Let us know below!

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