Dog And Baby Girl Engage In ‘Conversation’ Together. Oh, To Find Out What They Were Saying…

People have carved out a new niche: being able to communicate with dogs. Cesar Milan was one of the first to really make a name for himself in that field. Others have stepped in, and there is even one who is able to figure out cat behavior – a man named Jackson Galaxy. There may be a new contender – and this one is showing signs of her abilities even before she’s able to walk! Yes… she’s a baby.

We see a baby named Sophie and a Shorkie (part Shih Tzu and part Yorkie) named Wicket – surely a nod to the Ewok of the same name in “Return of the Jedi” (“Yub Yub”). Wicket even LOOKS like an ewok. I half expect him to stand up and try to go find a spear. Anyways, Sophie and Wicket are hitting it off quite famously. If anyone is worried about how they would get along, this eases it.

Sophie and Wicket are chattering away like old friends. Wicket seems to be the demonstrative sort. She moves all over the place like, “What? Get out of here! Wow! “and Sophie is happily babbling away. Their daddy can’t get enough of watching this, too. Can you blame him? This is a great set-up between the two of them. There’s a reason why this video has been viewed more than 18 million times since it was uploaded.

It does seem like the two of them are deep in conversation. Political discourse? Doubtful. One of them would be crying, for sure. How to get daddy to do whatever they want? OK, that one seems to be a bit more realistic. “OK, now can you cry on cue?” “What?” “Can you cry whenever you want to?” “Oh… sure. Yes.” “Fantastic. You are going to have him wrapped around your finger. Start early with a quavery ‘Daaaaddy?’ He’ll be putty in your hands…”

Sophie and Wicket are so cute together. I hope they have many more years of bonding like this in their future. What did you think? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section! Also please “Like” us on Facebook. Thanks!

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