Dog Is ‘Babysitting’ Sleeping Baby. I Loved What He Did To Help The Snoozing Babe.

I’ve written about a couple of videos where a dog tucks in a sleeping baby. Those are cute, but I think this one here wins the prize. Is it because the baby is sleeping on a comforter that looks like the American Flag? That’s part of it. Is it because the dog looks like it might be a shaggy Schnauzer, which is my favorite breed? Also part of the equation. You need to watch this to see why I love it so much.

The dog is standing next to a sleeping baby, who looks to be a month old, if that. He starts tucking in the baby with a blanket. At first, he’s moving a little too fast and the baby stirs a bit. Sensing a need to be more cautious, he slows down and the baby stays in dreamland. Using his nose, he pushes in parts of the blanket to secure the baby even more. He does this by moving in a counter-clockwise pattern.

What amazes me is that the dog even knows that this is important for babies. How does he figure out how to do this? He probably watched mommy or daddy tuck the baby in and the logistics of it snapped into his brain. This pooch looks like a pro as he’s doing this. Hmm. Perhaps there’s a movie or TV show about a dog nanny. I’ll have to go write a script about it. Hopefully, Hollywood will answer my emails.

This whole scenario is so tender. The dog knows that the baby needs to sleep and that he has to be extra-careful. Knowing babies, though, all that work is undone five minutes later when the baby soils his diaper in his sleep and wakes up five minutes later, wailing. Oh well, that’s all part of having a baby. Welcome to “parenting”, pooch. At least he just gets to stay at “babysitter” status.

Yes, obviously a parent was around all the time. It’s not like this was captured on a baby monitor. What did you think of the video? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section!

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