This Dog Was Having A Bad Dream. But When I Saw What This Tiny Puppy Did, It Stole My Heart!

All of us have nightmares once in a while. Even animals. Ariel Goodman captured this wonderful clip one night while she was trying to film her new Golden Retriever puppy. And we are glad she uploaded it! The older dog next to the puppy seems to be having a bad dream, but the way the little guy comforts his new friend is delightful!

It had been only a few days since the puppy came home and he was already bonding quite well with the other pooch. Ariel says that they are quickly becoming best of friends. The incredible love they share can be seen in the video! These two are already a great couple of buddies.

When the clip begins, the puppy is sleeping next to the older Retriever and the older dog starts making some noise and wiggling his feet, which is pretty cute but the puppy seems to think the dog is having a bad dream. So he sits up and nuzzles the older dog, and then he sits right in front of the camera and looks at it like he’s asking for help. It’s too precious!

Soon he goes back to his best buddy and curls up under his chin to watch over him while he sleeps. Actually, he’s most likely curling up there to continue his own nap, but it is adorable anyway.

Is this not the most adorable thing you have seen all day? Let us know your thoughts about these two adorable pooches in the comments!

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