Dog beats world record with staggering 83-yard frisbee catch

What’s a dog doing on the football field? She’s actually there to make history. Give it a watch and find out.

Here’s a record that has gone to the dogs, pun intended. It’s the halftime show of the Orlando Apollos during a Sunday night game. It stars a dog and a frisbee.

It’s significant because the doggo and the disc are out to break a world record. It’s up to a man named Gary Duke and Eurie, the dog.

The trick was throwing the disc into the wind. Eurie wasn’t going to be able to break any records if the frisbee wasn’t going to fly far enough.

I don’t know about you, but watching Eurie fly across the football field makes the field seem much smaller. The speed of the dog alone looks like a broken record. But no.

The record is broken when Eurie catches the frisbee at 83 yards. It’s the record for a dog catching a frisbee at a sporting event.

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