A dog with a bed continues to sleep standing up. Then, the rescuers discover why!

This story would be tough one to see if it weren’t for the brave efforts of rescue groups like the one in this story. Sadly, we live in a world where dog meat farms remain in operation. These dogs are bred with the sole purpose of serving as dishes. The whole thought of it makes me sick to my stomach. Farms like these house hundreds of dogs. These dogs will never know what it is to live in a loving home. Because they live on these farms where they hear or see others like them being sacrificed, they develop a certain sense of what their fate will be.

Fortunately, there are many organizations that police many districts, so they can find these people and rescue the animals. There are places where this type of practice is legal, but on most, they are not. When East meets West, cultural clashes defy religious beliefs. For some cultures, the eating of certain animals has a deep spiritual meaning.

Banning these practices turns out to be very difficult. Nevertheless, organizations look for ways they can end this inhumane practice. When dogs are rescued from these facilities, they are normally flown to other areas of the world. A group of these dogs was rescued from a dog meat farm and shipped to Tampa Bay, Florida. Harriet is the name of one of these dogs. She was rescued and taken to a shelter where she would be hopefully adopted.

People at the shelter took very good care of her and gave her the immunizations she needed. People at the shelter noticed that the poor dog had experienced a lot of mental trauma. When the staff felt that she was ready, she was taken to the area where the animals are adopted. After a few hours, a couple saw her and fell in love with her lovely eyes.

The owners took her home and gave her a nice fluffy bed. The time came for everyone to go to bed and the couple wished Harriet a good night. After a couple of hours, her owners decided to take a peek to see how Harriet was sleeping. To their surprise, Harriet was standing. She looked exhausted but did not lie down. It was as if she was afraid to go to sleep.

The owners went to the shelter the following day to ask the staff if they knew what problem she had. Maybe they could help her somehow. The staff told them what the story behind Harriet’s rescue was, and this helped the owners understand the conditions she had been living in. Fortunately for Harriet, her story had a happy ending. It probably will take her a little time, but I am sure she will make it. For more information about her case, please click on the video below!