This Dog Is Best Friends With The Mail Man! This Is Absolutely Adorable I Can’t Help But Smile!

When dogs make a friend it lasts forever, and if they manage to have a great routine that involves their human owner, the dog will probably be happy as a pup can be! Merging playtimes along with being helpful is sometimes a natural part of a dogs personality. The video below is a great example of this behavior.  Joseph’s dog anxiously awaits the arrival of the mail lady. Everyday this adorable dog waits, why?

You really need to watch the video below to find out for yourself just how adorable this dog can be! In the video, Joseph is waiting outside with his dog. The moment the iconic mail truck rolls into the picture, you can immediately hear the mailwoman calling for the dog. Dad gives his dog the “OK,” and the immediately darts towards the mail truck. The mailwoman then hands the dog a handful of mail, and the dog returns to Joseph with it. From watching this video, you can instantly tell that this is a routine tradition between these two unlikely friends. I especially love how the dog is so proud of fulfilling his daily chore!

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