This Dog Has A Birth Defect. What She Did When Her Dad Came Home After 6 Months? I’m Crying!

Mel Swanson’s husband has been deployed for 6 months. Before he left, this couple adopted a special needs puppy with a severe birth defect. They are long term foster parents for SNAR, which is short for Special Needs Animal Rescue. That’s how they got Emma. Emma and her daddy got very close during the time they spent together. And when he left, it was hard for both of them.

This clip shows what happened when dad finally returned back home. All of their dogs were over the top when they saw him. Mikey, the tan one, even cried! When you see how Emma greets him, YOU are going to cry! Though Emma had some wheelchairs, she refused to use any of them. Mel says that Emma loves life and runs and plays well on her own when out of doors. She just has a little trouble on the tile indoors.

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