Dog Born With Backward Legs, Watch How A Couple Refused To Give Up On Her.

There are times in life when we’re given a bum hand of cards. We may find that we’re poor, disabled, have a disease… you name it. It’s what we decide to do with that particular hand that defines who and what we are. We could either be bitter and live our life that way or decide to embrace what happened and do the best we can with it. Rexi, the dog that we see in this video clearly took the second option.

When her mommy and daddy first saw Rexi moving around with the rest of her litter, they noticed she didn’t use her front paws. They were growing in backward, and a vet said that it’s actually neurological. Other than this, she’s a normal dog that eats, drinks and plays the same way as other dogs. It’s just too bad that people probably judge her on that one thing with her paws. She doesn’t seem to care, though.

Rexi is so friendly. You can see her bouncing around with her daddy. Her situation doesn’t bother her in the least… and her parents clearly adore her. She’s an awesome dog, and it just goes to show that we don’t all have to be “perfect” to be able to be loved by others. She’s not suffering and she looks like she would be so much fun to hang around. Heck, when she lays on the sofa, her paws make it look like she’s saying, “What’s up!”

The family set up a fundraising page so that Rexi could get the help that she needed – they reached their goal in a pretty fast time. Until then, they got a body suit for her that allows her to walk. Hopefully they may even be able to afford surgery that can correct her legs to point forward. Still, no matter what, she has an incredible spark of spirit that cannot be broken. We could all learn something from watching her.

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