This Dog Was Born Blind. But He Doesn’t Need Sight To Show Him His Way. He Has THIS! BRILLIANT!

Kellar was born completely blind. But despite being born with no eye sight, it never stops him from having fun. Kellar teaches us that determination is an integral part of life and you can achieve anything if you are determined enough.

His owners originally taught him how to play fetch using some simple commands like hot and cold. They later added left, right, passed it, and warmer. The process of teaching and learning took about a week for the basic commands, which is just amazingly fast if you ask me. This is one clever dog!

Kellar looks like a Brittany Spaniel and he has a couple of playmates, although they aren’t featured in this game of fetch. A black Lab waits patiently while his owners play fetch with Kellar. I don’t think I have ever seen a happier dog than Kellar. The look on his face while his owner gives him commands is one of pure joy, and when he runs backwards to chase the toy, he raises his head as if he can see it flying over his head.

It takes no time for him to find the ball with his owner’s directions, and as soon as he picks it up, he brings it back, ready for more! His energy looks endless. He’s obviously very familiar with the back yard and runs fearlessly, with no fear of running into anything. What an amazing dog.

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