A Dog Born Blind Meets A Seeing Eye Friend

Dogs are known as “man’s best friend,” but this clip below demonstrates they can be pretty great buddies to one another, too.

This video features the touching story of a blind dog called Tanner and how he went from just another dog who had to be put down to one half of the most incredible duo. This wonderful golden retriever, who has been blind since his birth, managed without his eyesight for a long time. So, being blind is not a curse for this pup, but when he started to have uncontrollable seizures every night, some experts recommended putting the dog out of his suffering.

Everything changed when Tanner met Blair, a black lab mix, in the same animal hospital where he was living. Blair turned out to be an abandoned puppy who had been shot and very timid around humans. When the two met each other, they formed an instant connection at once!

Now, the dogs who had their defectives make each other whole, as Blaire acts as a seeing eye dog for her new bosom friend!

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