This Dog Has A Celebrity Crush, But Wait Till You See WHO It Is! This is SO CUTE!

If you don’t have a pet, you are missing out big time. Somehow pets always seem to find new ways to surprise and shock us. Take, for example, this adorable pooch in the clip given below! Stryker is a Belgian Malinois who is a year and half old in this video. According to his owner, he loves watching movies. His favorite movie? Disney’s Bolt!

His owner says that he goes crazy when he sees the opening scene from this movie. The whole scene is five minutes long, but nevertheless, Stryker loves it with all his heart. He even bought Stryker his own copy of Bolt on BluRay for the Christmas of 2009. I still can’t stop smiling at how cute this little pup is! Wait till you see him for yourself!

As soon as Stryker hears the movie, he runs in the room and stands right in front of the television. The other dog in the room pays no attention. He’s more interested in the giant teddy bear. Stryker is not deterred! He watches intently and wags his tail.

When the excitement starts to mount, Stryker jumps up and down in front of the television, even bumping it with his nose. I hope it’s secure on the wall! He gets so excited at one point that he picks up the giant teddy bear and slings it around, but then he goes right back to watching the movie. I have never seen a dog watch television like this guy.

Watch Stryker and his craze for Bolt in the video below! Did you enjoy this? Let us know in the comments section!

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