This Dog Is Changing Stereotype Of Pit Bulls Being Vicious Animals. What He Does Is Adorable!

Pit Bulls are one of the most misunderstood dog breeds around. When many people see a Pit bull, they tend to give it a wide berth and some even cross to the other side of the road. That’s because many think that pit bulls are a violent breed and they can attack us at any time.

But that is not the case. A pet will always reflect the owner’s training and personality. You treat a dog well, they will show love. If you abuse a dog and ill treat it, it will be wary and at times even violent. But you cannot blame the dog.

When Meaty the pit bull was adopted from a shelter, he came with a huge smile! His humans could tell that he was happy to be in a loving home of his own, but what they didn’t know was just how adorable he is really is! He has become the face that is changing the way we perceive Pit bulls. This is because he has the widest grin anybody’s ever seen on a dog. And when that big grin is on a Pit bull, you know that the cute quotient is rated off the charts for this special dog!

He is a pampered dog and he knows it. I love the way his humans cuddle and snuggle him at any given moment and they even dress him up in clothes! Watch how cute he looks in a cute teddy bear outfit for Valentine’s and even in formal attire as he shows proof of his human’s engagement. That is just TOO adorable!

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