This Dog Chewed Up Mom’s Pen, And What He Does When He Is Caught Is Just Too Funny

Dogs are described as man’s best friend, and they really are, but there are times when we just can’t help but be a victim of their naughty behaviour. Every dog owner can relate to the story of coming home only to find a mess along with only one possible suspect. This problem especially is inevitable when your best friend is just a little puppy who doesn’t know any better, or just isn’t disciplined enough to care. Puppies sometimes cannot resist the urge to do something they shouldn’t, because it is just so tempting.

This mom in the video is having this experience and decides to record her guilty dog’s reaction. I suspect she already knew how funny his reaction would be and that’s why she got the camera out. Perhaps this pooch has been naughty before? I think so.

This pet owner came home only to find her pen chewed up. She calls her dog out, like she normally would, and the dog peeks his head around the corner of the door. This adorable French bulldog hasn’t quite grown into his ears yet, which just adds to his guilty expression. As soon as he peeks his head around the corner, she asks him if he chewed up the pen. He can’t look her in the eye, and decides the best course of action is to just retreat and go back to where he came from. He slowly backs up and disappears from view, and then mom has a good laugh. I don’t think this dog will get much punishment.

Watch this hilarious bulldog reaction in the video. Does your dog react the same? Let us know through your comments below! We’d love to hear from you!

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