Dog Climbs Onto A Miniature Horse. But Wait Till You See What Follows Next! I Can’t Believe It!

This video features one of the cutest friendships of all times. We love dogs and we love horses. So when these two come together? It is ADORABLE! Spanky is a seven-year-old miniature horse who stands at just 32 inches. His best friend Dally is a six-year-old Jack Russell Terrier. Both of them were rescued by horse trainer Francesca Carson and they have been together ever since.

This cute duo has performed their incredible tricks all across America for a wide range of spectators. And they have even appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman. It is quite obvious that they enjoy each other company. Their performances are really captivating. I mean that dog rides a horse better than I ever could!

Dally watched her owner, Francesca, train her horses every day, but most of them are full size horses. When Francesca rescued this miniature horse, he and Dally became fast friends, and one day Dally just jumped on his back and an idea was born. Since then, Francesca has taken the duo all over the country to perform.

When they are not working together, they are playing together. They eat together, play together, and sleep together. This unlikely duo is pretty cute. They even know how to smile together. You will see in one part of the video what a great smile this little horse has. Spanky and Dally charm everyone they meet.

Watch this cute pair below! Have you seen anything like it? Let us know if you enjoyed their tricks in the comments section!

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